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Estate Settlement Made Easier

Skillfull guidance and expert solutions for trust officers,
estate lawyers, executors and families.

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Schedule a complimentary consultation

At the initial meeting, we will discuss your goals and wishes, review your particular situation, and take the time to understand everything that needs to be considered.


We give you a solutions-focused plan

We will work collaboratively with you to determine what will need to be done and keep your plan current, no matter what happens.


Rest easy knowing everything will be expertly handled for you

We keep on track with all the identified tasks to maintain momentum in the process and give you regular updates, so you stay in control throughout the process.


Let’s do this together.

Setting an estate leaves even the most dedicated and accomplish people feeling overwhelmed and stressed. But at True North Executor Solutions, we know the process to ensure maximum efficiency and get you the best results. Together we’ll create and execute a plan that makes it simple for you to settle the estate, so you can move on with your mind at ease.

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